National Down Syndrome Society

A client of mine brought me in to create a few key frames to pitch a PSA for NDSS in which several individuals with Down Syndrome completely shut-out the ableist stereotypes perpetuated by some medical professionals. They liked what they saw, and I went on to storyboard the project as well. 

"Feeling Through" dir. Doug Roland

I was given the opportunity to create a few concept pieces for a short film produced by the Helen Keller Foundation. The film follows a young boy, Tereek, making his way home late at night when he stumbles upon a deaf-blind man who needs help crossing the street. 

"Making Contact" dir. Greg Loftus

A short sci-fi thriller in which a young brother and sister, whose relationship is on the fritz, rediscover their bond when their backyard is invaded by a hostile visitor.

"Tomorrow Tomorrow" dir. Katie Schiller

A story in which two gender non-comforming exes rendezvous to mourn a mutual friend, despite their best judgements.